It all began…

In 2017, a couple of friends decided to explore Switzerland, the country they call home, by the simplest, most natural ways possible: by hand and foot; swimming and running.

After several explorations, slowly increasing distance, duration, and number of days, they thought of the idea of turning the best of those adventures into a multi-day, ultra distance SwimRuck.

What is SwimRuck?

SwimRuck is a multi-sport activity that combines swimming and hiking/running. During both of those activities you’re carrying, or towing, a rucksack with all you need inside it. The theme is self-sufficiency. There are no support boats, drop bags, gear transports, or outside assistance. You carry your own gear, and when the adventure is multi-day, that means camping and cooking gear.

The Bögeyman Ultra is born

As our duo, Swimstaman and Hillseeker, increased the duration of their Open Water Swim and SwimRuck adventures throughout the summer of 2018, they discovered an incredibly scenic and super challenging way to connect 5 Swiss lakes with 3 mountain passes. They described this route as the Bögeyman … but more on that in a moment.

The route starts with a daunting 16KM swim of the Walensee and after crossing the final lake, the Zürisee, will have covered 42KM of swimming. That’s right, a marathon of swimming. On top of that is 58KM of alpine rucking to connect the lakes. The distances are extreme, especially given the swimming percentage to the total 100KM distance.

And don’t forget, this challenge is self-supported. Sleeping is via bivouac, using gear each athlete carries for the entire time. Food must be carried or purchased along the way. No support boats or vehicles are allowed.

Due to the extreme nature of swims, as well as the autonomy required to cover the course terrain, Hillseeker and Swimstaman chose the term Bögeyman to describe the shadow of fear and adversity lurking at every lake and alpine pass during the challenge.

When is it?

August 30-September 1st, 2019

How do I join?

2019 is by invitation only.

Is it a race? Are there other rules?

No, it’s not a race. The goal is to complete the course within 3 days. Those who finish with GPS proof will receive a prize, as well as placement on the Bögeyman Wall of Fame.

As the lake swims are not supported, swimming at night is not permitted. Athletes will sleep on the course in their gear of choosing (tent, hammock, bivysack, etc.), but not in vehicles or buildings. High visibility swim buoys and whistles are required. Wetsuits and fins are allowed. Athletes assume 100% responsibility for risk, safety, decision making, and any required rescue.